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Sarah Meyohas’ Floral Tunnels

Famous for her ’stock market mayhem’ inspired paintings presented at 303 Gallery, the New York-based artist Sarah Meyohas turns towards a photographic medium. She uses it subtly for a series titled “Speculations”…


Lonely Houses Photographic Series By Sejkko

The Lonely House Project is a graphic photography series by Venezuelan scientist and visual artist Manuel Pita aka Sejkko. Capturing the crystal blue skies and Portugese architecture, his frames remind of Wes…


Katrin Korfmann Shoot People as One Entity

“Ensembles assembled” is the title for photographic series by a German artist Katrin Korfmann, documenting the socially unifying rituals. The project aims to reflect people as one,


Unveiling Architectural Details with Oystein Aspelund

‘CYAN II’ photo series by Øystein Aspelund is a beautiful zoom on architectural details. The Trondheim-based artist presents buildings and monuments in isolation and by showing just fragments, he puts architecture in…


Oil Spill Series by Fabian Oefner

The Oil Spill series is part ofFabian Oefner`s exploration of Iridescence. For this experiment, Oefner poured water into a black reservoir. With the aid of a syringe, he then added small drops of…