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SXMusic Festival to Launch in St Martin

SXMusic is a new ’boutique’ Festival that will take place in the dreaming Caribbean island of Saint Martin. From March 9th through 13th the scenes will be split across three areas—The Beach, The Bay and The Forest.


David Bowie Tribute with Minimal Posters

This collection of David Bowie portraits honors the iconic rock star while celebrating his ever-changing look. Macedonian graphic designer Gorgi Janevski created a series of posters in tribute to one of the…


Day for Night Festival: The Evolution of Light and Sound

Day for Night is an experiential music and arts festival taking place in Houston, TX December 19-20. The fusion of music and digital art is an emerging theme among festivals worldwide, yet…


Rise, Mix by Quentin Pistol

This mix is inspired by the new grassroots civil rights movement that’s been emerging since Eric Garner’s death.


Reptile Youth: My Yoko Ono

What do you get when you blend 37 motion graphics students from Hyper Island with 2.5 days and an image of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa factory ?