Monodramatic by Daisuke Takakura

A running trend is the well composed landscape photo with a single person with their backs to the camera, optimistically for variety sake, there are projects going for the opposite route as well; for instance, Japanese photographer Daisuke Takakura toys and manipulates time with astonishing results for his Monodramatic series.


Takakura injects a great sense of youthfulness throughout an eclectic collection of urban sceneries, each one showcasing carefully chosen colors, architecture features and a single person. The elected protagonists takes the liberty gifted to them and plays to the heart’s content.


Worthy of mention is the cautiously chosen colors and textures throughout the series, as well as, the few but great, photos featuring replicated city landmarks . It’s refreshing to see repetition and randomness applied with right amount of restriction.


monodramatic 05

monodramatic 06

monodramatic 11

monodramatic 14

monodramatic 04

monodramatic 01

monodramatic 17

monodramatic 03

monodramatic 18

monodramatic 12

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