Marni Winter Edition scaled

Marni Winter Edition 2013

Womenswear design this season is going through it umpteenth filtration. With the constant recycling  and renovation of passed decades and trends, it’s quite a hard job to come up with a real clever twist. Androgynous fashion though, has come a long way since Marlene Dietrich and Annie Hall.Women’s favourite disguise is experiencing a revival, an opening for a new era. Marni’s Winter Edition for 2013 is lingering between precision and male structures, between utility and sophistication. The point of view is quite clear as Marni’s woman will not lose her femininity, edge or stylistic comfort. Sportswear infusion that works perfectly. Stepping away from the classic menswear fabrics, that have almost turned cliche in the androgynous world,  metallic leather, technical polyester and fur make an appearance. Exactly the kind of twist that was needed for the boyish sweaters, the slouchy trousers and the double-breasted blazers. What we are figuring out, more clearly season after season is that futurism does not consist only in outlandish creations, but becoming part of classic, milestone styles.




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