Marco Casagrande’s Sandworm

While most architects like to put their work out where more people can see it, Marco Casagrande constructed Sandworm, his 45-meter long, 10-meter wide installation on the dunes of the Wenduine coastline, Belgium. Part architecture, part environmental art, the whole piece is made out of willow and uses what Marco describes as “weak architecture”, allowing light and shadows to create an awesome spectacle to everyone who sees it.

As one visitor, Peter Beyen, puts it: “The artist believes that architectural control goes against nature and thus also against architecture… To the Finnish artist Marco Casagrande designing is not sufficient. Design should not replace reality. The building must grow out of the location, it must react to its environment, it must be a reflection of life and also be itself, as every other living being.”

Photos taken by Nikita Wu.
Quote from Arch Daily.