Manufactured Superstars At Finale + Interview

The Manufactured Superstars are Denver natives, Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo, residents of the Wynn’s high-glamour XS Club, Tryst and Surrender. Known for their thrill-a-minute live DJ sets, the Manufactured Superstars are known for putting their signature spin on as many as 100 different tunes during a two-hour DJ set.
As producers, the Manufactured Superstars have had top-charting radio and music television singles, including “Take Me Over” featuring Scarlett Quinn, which charted top-three on SiriusXM Radio and BPM-TV during its run. Other popular singles from the Manufactured Superstars include “Silver Splits The Blue” featuring Christian Burns, a collaboration with Jquintel and Jeziel Quintela, and “Born To Rock,” a collaboration with L.A. Riots. With a relentless tour schedule that nevertheless brings them frequently back to their residency at the Wynn properties in Las Vegas, the Manufactured Superstars are always eager to please their audiences. We spoke with Shawn Sabo of the Manufactured Superstars to get a glimpse into the duo’s hectic lives.


What genre of music do you think is underrated?
Shawn Sabo of the Manufactured Superstars: Hmm…I’d say, jazz.


What’s the craziest experience you’ve had at a show?
Manufactured Superstars: It would have to be playing the Lief Festival in The Netherlands. Showing up for that show, we weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into…we show up, and…the stage was in the middle of a lake! We had to take a boat to get to the middle where the stage was. It was in a lake in a big castle overlooking the stage. We DJd, then we took a boat back out. It was awesome! We played for 30,000 people.


What is (in?) your dream music video?
Manufactured Superstars: [laughs] A real spaceship in real outer space! No greenscreens. The real deal with zero gravity, real spacesuits. The experience of the real thing and shooting it like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. How cool would that be?


When do you sleep?
Manufactured Superstars: Whenever we can! Our rule is, sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, because you never know what your day’s going to be like. We could show up at the airport for the next gig, get delayed, and there’s no food on the plane. In Mexico City recently, we had a seven-hour delay and we were stuck at the airport and the lounge had no Internet!


What’s your all-time favorite record?
Manufactured Superstars: That’s a loaded question! [long pause] Beastie Boys, “Licensed To Ill.”


One word to describe Las Vegas:
Manufactured Superstars: Life-changing.


Manufactured Superstars performing at Finale NYC
November 15th
199 Bowery, NY 10002

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