Lama /Non Lama Exhibition by StudioPepe


ama /Non Lama (Blade, Not Blade) exhibition opened last week, featuring a selection of knives from an array of artists, designers and manufacturers, in collaboration with the historic cutlery shop Lorenzi. The exhibition is hosted at the new Valcucine Showroom whose interiors have been designed by Studiopepe.

The knife tool that always accompanies man in its evolutionary history, becomes the star of a show that searches for particular highlighting the peculiarities of design, careful selection in collaboration with the historic cutlery shop Lorenzi since 1919 in Corso Magenta, present not only the different uses that characterize this versatile tool, but will showcase unique pieces, prototypes and knives extraordinary result of technical, research and passion.

The layout, essential and flexible, edited by Studiopepe is characterized by the use of wood and cement, other materials that express the union of the concept of nature (wood) with that of technological research (cement) to a space as the Piave Valcucine Milan | Spotti continues to grow and change. The original idea was that of a grid, become invisible, leave traces of themselves only through a system of holes in the wall on which to hang wooden pegs in the service of a display system variable. Boxes, ribbons, shelves, and hooks are just some of the accessories that can change the layout of the walls and adapt the content.

Speakers at the event with a talk Andrea Lorenzi, proprietor of cutlery, Julius Iacchetti, designer Stefano Citi and the collective Tour de Fork in the course of the evening will involve the audience with a performance related to food interactive and participatory, and inspired the imagination gestures of the knife.

Exhibition curated by Arianna Lelli Mami & Chiara di Pinto / Studiopepe
Pictures / Andrea Ferrari