Mexico City based Jimena Montemayor is an inspiration to the digital world. While we stumbled upon her Instagram account by accident, her eclectic eye and satirical zest towards the age of technology has left us hooked.

She is attracted to interesting color palettes and minimalism, citing visual satisfaction as her ultimate goal. What better way to achieve that than by literally repeating images over and over until they stick? JUNK is successful that way. Learn more about what inspires the artist:


I could see something that catches my eye and it will inspire/challenge me to combine something interesting with that thing. It’s a game for me. A mental exercise.

You have a very eclectic theme throughout your account, how would you describe your style?

Thank you for the eclectic reference, I appreciate that! I guess I couldn’t really narrow down a specific style, its truly a combination of many inspirational factors. However, I can say I strive to highlight my personal aesthetic eye, minimalist beauty, and also a satiric spin to digital imaging.

What are your favorite elements to use in your art?

Sharp lines and beautiful color palettes.

Do you see social media as a tool to inspire or the other way around?

Social media works both ways in my case. The ability to have access to a library of awesome magazine and renown photographer accounts, or to be as close as a day-to-day follower of brilliant creatives like Jacquemus (my idol) or J.W Anderson is definitely a source of knowledge and inspiration. As for sharing my own work, it brings an instant criticism and exposure that has never been as fast and effective for me. Used wisely and taking it not too seriously is probably key I think.

What do you hope viewers get from your work?

Pure visual satisfaction.

How does Instagram affect your art or the way you express yourself online?

I don’t see it as affecting my art. I see it simply as a handy tool of expression, and that’s about it πŸ™‚

What inspires you in your selection of images?

Everything! From graphic design and fine art to architecture, fashion and films. And listening to music, always.