Indira Cesarine’s Photography

Photographer Indira Cesarine was lucky enough to find her love for photography at only 15 years old and still go to Columbia to triple major in Art History, French Literature and Women’s Studies all while aggressively shooting with top New York agencies. By the time she had graduated Indira already had several solo shows under her belt and was on her way to London to pursue a career in photography.

Since then Indira Cesarine has built quite a reputation for herself in the industry. She has worked with too many top notch fashion publications to mention, been featured Cannes and Tribeca Film Festival’s, started her own multi-media publication called XXXX Magazine, has been published in Dolce and Gabana’s 20th Anniversary book and is being published in a book curated by Fabian Baron out this month. Not a bad roster of achievements!

make up by celia becker and philippe miletto