(In)Decorous Taste

If acrylic and crystal spikes, leather and chains are up your alley, then (In)Decorous Taste is the brand for you. Designer Lauren  Tennenbaum has created an accessories collection that is wildly creative, excessive, aggressive, and editorial ; shoe harnesses that wrap for miles, lined with crystal encrusted spikes, choker neck pieces that double as headbands decorated with just the right amount of heavy metal (lurex) madness.

Tennenbaum also has the best DIY projects I have ever seen on her blog, (which links from the website, along with a webshop,)  one of them being a pair of clear acrylic stripper shoes she takes apart and transforms into an amazing pair of stilettoes. She is one of those uber talented designers that goes above and beyond but always keeps it in the margins of excellent taste. Interiors are also a passion as seen on her blog, with more DIY furniture and interior space projects.  Indecorous taste, for sure, and also impeccable style which makes this a really exciting brand. Oh, and to top it off, all of this is handcrafted in NYC.