Imke Klee Trend Stylist/Photographer

Imke klee is a stylist, photographer and trend analyst at Li Edelkoort (Trend Union) in Paris. I just stumbled over these beautifully executed color-coded pictures of ‘things’, that probably finish in a Trend Union book.

” Born in 1979 in Northern Germany. Imke Klee lives and works in France/Paris and Germany/Bremen. Her passion for pictures, design, art and crafts led her to artistic studies at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein in Krefeld and at the University of the Arts in Bremen. After graduating in 2007 she became a stylist, photographer and iconographic researcher and since then works for trend analyst Li Edelkoort (Trend Union) in Paris as well as on her own projects and teaches at the University of the Arts in Bremen.”

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