Ian Berry’s All-Denim Pieces

Denim—in its manifold recreations of grunge, indigo, skinny, washed, and the high-waisted mom jeans—plays a big role to most people in their 20s.This is even more apparent in 28-year-old Sweden-based British artist Ian Berry. Dubbing himself Denimu, the Japanese phonetic spelling of denim, Ian works solely with the medium, bleaching, coloring, and cutting to form tactile landscapes and portraits.

“I was about 14 and we were going to a family party. I wanted to wear my favorite pair of jeans, but my mum had other ideas. Out instead came the corduroy. I still remember feeling so self-conscious and uncomfortable, and not myself. How I wanted to be in my beloved denim, just like my cousins were wearing,” reads his artist statement (which Ian also notes is “a tone of voice that is nothing like his own”).

” A few years later I came across the very same pair, now unique through wear, on top of a pile of cast offs ready for the charity shop. I found myself staring at them, wishing I could still fit in them remembering the times when I could. I was transfixed by the ripped, faded beauty of the fabric.”


See more of his work here http://denimu.com/