Fluorescent Meets Pastel

Now that summer is on it’s way and you’ve loaded up on all those pastel colored garments, it is time to take the ‘Fluo Meets Pastel’ trend to the next level. This particular photo shoots design concept, originated by the minds of Floor Knaapen and Anne-Sophie Markus, explores the way in which fashion and furniture design can be integrated to bring contemporary yet fluent elements to your pad. The pictures below contain a mix of products from various influential designers, which you can also find in Eigen Huis & Interieur Magazine. Between the mint and gold colored lamps to the gridded textures seen on throw pillows and wall textiles, and bright colored chairs, there is no doubt that your apartment will be just as in style as your wardrobe, this season.

More Information at: www.floorknaapen.com, www.fietview.com, www.eh-i.nl