Fleur Du Mal



To be the chicest and most provocative fashion brand in the world; delivering beautiful product, curating desire and inspiring discovery

Fleur du Mal, the brainchild of Jennifer Zuccarini, is a provocative lingerie and ready to wear collection unveiling this month. Zuccarini, the Co-Founder of Kiki de Montparnasse and former Victoria’s Secret Design Director, will launch the brand with a uniquely interactive e-commerce site that allows users to browse editorial images of Fleur du Mal’s sublime signature collection featured within a shoppable selection of lifestyle items. Curating desire and inspiring discovery.
The Fleur du Mal experience shop will run from November 13th through November 17th, the public is welcome to schedule private appointments to shop the collection before it launches on on November 9th.

Fleur du Mal will celebrate the launch of its debut collection with a series of highly immersive and experiential Tribeca events designed to stimulate the senses. Over the course of five days, Fleur du Mal will host guests in an intimate space that will feature the first US performances by French pop duo, Saint Michel and Parisian DJ Ines Melia as well as signature cocktails from renowned mixologist Xavier Herit and an opulent dinner presented by the Norwegian chef team, “The Flying Culinary Circus.”
The event series will begin Wednesday with an evening cocktail where guests will sip Fleur du Mal signature concoctions created by restaurant Daniel’s former mixologist, Xavier Herit, known for blending unconventional ingredients and bringing a contemporary twist to classic mixology. Parisian DJ sensation Ines Melia will make her US debut with eclectic and electrifying sets to complement Fleur du Mal’s sublime collection, which will be on display throughout the space. Pastry chef Dominique Ansel will finish off the menu with a Fleur du Mal signature white rose infused puff pastry for dessert.
The following evening, the designer will host her guests in an intimate dinner to celebrate the brand’s launch. Chefs Mathias Spieler Bugge and Tor Jørgen Kramprud Arnesen of the Flying Culinary Circus, a team of former Michelin Starred Norwegian chefs who travel around the world to create menus for royal families and A-list entertainers. The unique dining experience will highlight FDM’s journey through the senses with a lavish five course meal inspired by Fleur du Mal’s sumptuous aesthetic.

The series will conclude Friday night with a performance by French pop duo, Philippe Thuillier and Emile Larroche, who together make up Saint Michel and whose performance will mark their first US appearance since they formed over a year ago. Hailing from Versailles, home of Air, Daft Punk, Cassius and Phoenix, Saint Michel has recently been signed to Columbia Records. Online culture destination, Trendland, will co-host the event.