Tina Turner has become almost as recognizable for her sexy stage style as for her sultry sound. And it’s a look she’s been developing over the past 30 years with the help of costume designer Bob Mackie. Now, he’s at it again, stitching new stage creations for Tina’s 2008 world tour, which kicked off last night in Kansas City — Read
Last Campaign for the new perfume " I am King " by Sean Diddy Combs “If I say, I am not going to succeed, I’m a loser, then that’s what I am going to be. If we say we’re kings and we say we’re queens, that’s what we’re going to be. It has nothing to do with being arrogant.” Read
No Collection is a French brand that started in 2002 by designer Wanda Herbert as a response to to what she felt was missing in the womens commercial market. As the collection grew Wanda introduced accessories and footwear to the collection, and through its success in some of the best French and international reference accounts... Read