Experimenta – The Transformation of the Kerosene Lamp

Italian designer Giuseppe Bessero Belti releases his latest design project Experimenta showcasing the evolution of the kerosene lamp through a collection of futuristic vases. Experimenta visualizes a fusion of antiquity and contemporary minimalism composed of 3-D printed nylon cylindrical containers to hold water and a variety of repurposed old glass lamp chimneys.

Experimenta- General

The prototypes interpret the transformational innovations in design and structure of paraffin lamps since the late 18th century, alluding to factors of safety, new fuel resources and craftsmanship. These vases explore and reinterpret a household relic illustrating the visual metaphor, ‘the flame becomes the flower, the fuel becomes the water and the metal becomes the nylon.


Written by Amber Grace Johnson

Experimenta- Globe 01

Experimenta- Bombe Viennoise 02

Experimenta- Globe 03

Experimenta- Matador 03

Experimenta- Globe 02

Experimenta- Pigeon 01

Experimenta- Pigeon 02

Experimenta- Rochester 03

Experimenta- Pigeon 03

Experimenta- Tutorial

Experimenta- Rochester 02


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