Ellery Resort ’14

This Aussie brand is one of my favorites. Structural gloriousness, casual elegance that screams confidence, it is the epitome of an independent, creative girl who doesn’t give a shit about being politically or socially correct. She says what she feels and does what she says, but knows that at any moment her mind can….. and will……. change on a dime. Of course, she will never apologize for being free enough to do so. Her manners, however are impeccable and as long as the subject matter is clever, compassionate and interesting enough, her less is more conversational skills will have you mesmerized and desperately wanting more. This is the girl I want to sit next to at the dinner party, and this is what she wears and how she wears it.

photographer: Trevor King of  DLM
hair & make-up: Victoria Baron of MAP
location: The Hellenic Club


Australia fashion Ellery Resort '14
Michele Llanos

free spirit gypsy with a background as fashion director, editor, stylist, jewelry designer, and showroom owner ; major travel junkie with a future trip to the cosmos on the bucket list. i'll probably be wearing Rick Owens

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