Dominik Tarabanski: Pruitt Igoe

We always are excited to see new work from Dominik Tarabanski. The Polish, New York transplant always delivers his fresh vision in soft, clean photography. It is our pleasure to bring you his latest work, entitled Pruitt Igoe, in collaboration with set designer Zu Sb and fashion designer Harim Jung. Hair is by Takayoshi Tsukisawa and makeup by Francisca Saavedra.

Title | Pruitt Igoe

Photography | Dominik Tarabanski |
Set Design  Zu Sb |
Fashion Design | Harim Jung
Makeup | Francisca Saavedra |
Hairstyle | Takayoshi Tsukisawa |
Art Directing | Dominik Tarabanski & Zu Sb
Model | Kristi Wilson | Q Management |

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