Danish Food Stylist Mette Helbaek, “A Culinary Artisan”


If food is the medium, then Danish food stylist Mette Helbaek is the Picasso of the culinary world. Using seasonal garden-grown vegetables, the images she creates are exquisite and mouth-watering masterpieces. Forest green kale petals are drizzled in alabaster crème fraiche and topped with a crispy browned chicken breast; ruby red beets languish in a jar of marinade, topped simply with a white linen square of cloth. Elegant and delicious, the photographs reflect the love and respect that Helbaek has for real food and the environment where it is grown.


Living and growing her own food on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Helbaek works as a chef, food writer, food stylist and cookbook author, all while running her restaurant Stedmans in Frederiksberg with her husband Flemming (open exclusively on Fridays).
As if this meal maven isn’t busy enough, she also develops recipes for magazines and companies that require healthy, sustainable and delicious food.


Specializing in Nordic food Helbaek avoids grains, unhealthy oils and refined sugars when cooking, and sticks to local garden-grown fare, or foraged wild ingredients. Helbaek is currently collaborating with photographer Stine Christiansen on a series of articles about trash cooking, titled “The Maybe Useful”, for Danish magazine Copenhagen Food. She asserts, “I don’t do pretty cupcakes and I only interview people who are passionate about what they do.”


Written by Alex Winston







For more info visit : www.mhelbak.com