Dana Buoy Call To Be

Dana Buoy: Call To Be

Dana Buoy Call To Be

      1. Call To Be


Taking a break from his 9 to 5 gig as the percussionist for Akron/Family, Dana Buoy (aka Dana Janssen) is making time for affected vocals and electronic sound scapes.

Under his new-found alias, Brooklynite, Janssen has released his debut albu, Summer Bodies  just in time to secure a place in our seasonal soundtracks. “Call To Be” is the LP’s shimmering single of frenzied keyboard and pulsating synths floating in the backdrop.


Naturally, its percussive qualities, Buoy’s strong suit drive the dance-worthy anatomy of this stand out track–including tribal hand drums, claps, and tambourines. Caribbean pop at its core, Dana’s newest venture is a nice break from Akron/Family’s homely heroics of dense lyrics and musicianship. Analog vibes and synthesizers can more fun sometimes, and that’s just what this track succeeds at being.