A Ceramic Playground in Search of the Perfect Combination

Apparatu is a Spanish design and ceramic studio – an experimental playground pushing the boundaries within ceramic. This combination enables them to conceive new ideas and innovative projects. Many of their projects and products are not immediately associated with ceramic.

Apparatu is known for a love of irregular shape and texture and its designs offer an artisanal sophistication. In other words pieces are hand-made and they can be unusual, or quirky – but they are immediately recognisable as the work of master craftspeople.

The pieces that come out of the family workshop in Barcelona’s outskirts go far beyond being visually stimulating. It forms a reflection on the profession itself and the ceramic tradition the founder inherited from his father. By transforming and elevating the old art of ceramics into a new sphere, Apparatu points out the imperfections of life, while make them look good in the process.

The latest in Apparatu’s outcome is the collection Alva tables. The project is a summary of three years of research around the process of extruding and bending ceramic profiles. The series are characterized by its simple yet sturdy legs, and serves like a hommage to the Alvar Aalto’s most famous functionalist furnitures. More than 50 different designs were created in order to find the perfect combination between the extrusion die and the clay material.

Article written for Trendland by Magnus Host.