Bean Pole Novö

Dazed & Confused launched their September 2012 issue with this intriguing editorial featured by photographer Pierre Debusschere. Hérmes’s artistic director, Christophe Lemaire, paired up with well-known Korean brand Bean Pole to create Novö. The line was named after French rock critic Yves Adrien’s Novövision -who predicted the 1978 revolution of machines in music.  Model Guerrino Santulliana, blends into the background by a chaos of paint strokes dressed in slim-fit tailored pieces from Bean Pole’s latest menswear collection. The collection’s palette includes black, white and yellow ranging in prints from a twitchy painters dots to contour graphic lines.



More info at Dazed Digital.

Label Bean Pole Novö
Photographer Pierre Debusschere
Model Guerrino Santulliana at Nathalie Models


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