Studio Formafantasma Opens Aybar Gallery in Miami

After working for five years in Asia, Spanish design curator Francisco Polo and German interior architect Markus Herchet, opened their new space in Miami just last month. The Aybar Gallery is devoted to showcasing limited and unique pieces and architecture projects in an environment that is constantly “imagining, anticipating and interpreting the conceptual space of a project.” Curator Francisco Polo carefully selects each design piece to match the desired aesthetic that the gallery seeks to represent. Aybar gallery forgoes what is conventional in favor of what is altogether more brave, genuine and impulsive.


The gallery’s first exhibition, designed by studio Formafantasma and Marre Moerel, features an adventurous approach to texture and form. By using vases as their medium, Formafantasma and Moerel were able to transform the vessel. The vases carry meaning on their sleeve, their exterior design, instead of gathering value for what they hold inside. Blending textures and materials derivative of the pre-bakelite period, the vases capture old world and new in the dynamic space provided by the Aybar Gallery. Most of Aybar Gallery’s featured works have been exhibited in galleries worldwide and are part of permanent collections.









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