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Daehyun Kim's Drawings

Daehyun Kim’s Drawings

As we enter the era of GIFs, vectors, and videos, it's nice to know there are artists out there who still know how to work with the more "traditional" tools....

Invisible Man Series for M le Monde

Invisible Man Series for M le Monde

The latest spread in M Le Monde is part man about town, part Breaking the Magician's Code. A dramatic collaboration between artist Alois Kronschläger and photographer Christian Anwander, it's only when you...

Richard Silver's NYC Church Panoramas

Richard Silver’s NYC Church Panoramas

A tad bit dizzying, but dazzling nonetheless, the always-creative photographer Richard Silver puts a spin on our usual view of panoramic pictures. Instead of shooting a landscape of pews and...

Krisztianna's Muertita Series

Krisztianna’s Muertita Series

Krisztianna's write up comes off simply enough: "My name is Krisztianna, and I like to make art and stuff." She describes her works as "Prints, Originals, and Kraftings". These works,...

Mirte, Future Catwalk by Barnaby Roper

Mirte, Future Catwalk by Barnaby Roper

Seeing as the majority of people view fashion week on a screen anyway, Mirte, Future Catwalk, by ultra-visionary photographer and director Barnaby Roper, is definitely a forward step in the...

Yara De Nicola's MFW Series

Yara De Nicola’s MFW Series

Fashion Weeks (or months, rather) are finally coming to a close. Or not. Images, collages, and analysis are now coming out, along with this beautifully shot series of by Yara...

Self Service's Office Tease

Self Service’s Office Tease

While most people do not look like this when going to the office, Self Service's "Office Tease" fashion spread is a fantasy worth day-dreaming about. Especially with the subtle, nonchalance...

Sakir Gökçebag's Installations

Sakir Gökçebag’s Installations

What Sakir Gökçebag's installations lack in expenses (the artist uses the likes of rolls of toilet paper, hangers, and clocks), they more than make up for in out-of-this-world concept and...