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Is Anna Wintour retiring?

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, is it? However, if it’s true, it would definitely cause a commotion within the world of fashion and there will be some major questions to be answered. Who would replace her? What would she do without Vogue? And, will anyone ever exceed the expectations there is to being the next Anna Wintour?


Art meets Fashion and everybody loves Chanel!

In 1955 Madame Coco Chanel launched the iconic, quilted ‘it’ bag 2.55. Now, fifty-three years later, Chanel have decided to make the bag the center of attention once again, namely the center of a traveling exhibition entitled Chanel Mobile Art. Twenty international contemporary artists have reinterpreted the classic Chanel hand bag and designed everything from a gold quilted guitar…


All that glitters

You can look as fabulous as the models at Balmain’s catwalk show in Paris if you just make an effort. Let yourself shine, literally, with this season’s must have wardrobe pieces of glittering sequin. Whether you choose a sequin dress or sequined trousers you don’t have to worry about feeling too dressed up as long as you tone it down with basic and neutral pieces


Anything but Ordinary

Would you be smoking Marlboro Light if it wasn’t for Carrie Bradshaw? Would you be drinking cappuccinos of paper cups if it wasn’t for Mary-Kate Olsen? Would you be carrying around your newly bought fashion magazine, even though you have a bag to put it in, if it wasn’t for Carine Roitfeld?