Atelier Solarshop

For some cutting edge shopping, a trip to Antwerp is always a great bet. Atelier Solarshop, having opened its doors in 2008, is a concept store located in a converted solar panel shop, in the Antwerp 2060 area. Organizing con(temporary) projects on art, fashion and design, store directors Piëtro Celestina and Jan-Jan Van Essche have now, after 4 years of varied concepts, permanently opened the shop’s doors. A must for those looking for a tactile and harmonic atmosphere, full of a selection of well crafted accessories, jewelry, fashion and art. Featuring ANVE, ADAÏSM, Christopher Dellstrand, Ffixxed, HUI-HUI, Izabel Angerer, Jan Jan Van Essche, Kati Heck, Katrien Van Hecke, Stephanie Schneider and more.

Wednesdays – Saturdays
12h – 18h30

Atelier Solarshop
Dambruggestraat 48
2060 Antwerp