Articulo 6 Project by Lucia Cuba

Lucia Cuba‘s designing skills and fashion’s international character teamed up for the actvist design project “Articulo 6: narratives of gender, strength and politics”.  This project aims to raise awareness about the forced sterilizations that took place during Alberto Fujimori’s goverment in Peru from 1996 to 2000, and it’s named after the Sixth Article of the Second Chapter in the General Health Law of Peru that establishes people’s right to choose their contraception method according to their own will.  12 actions and one clothing collection composes Articulo 6.

The clothing collection is made through mixed media, using embroidery and prints on cotton twill and cotton canvas. The collection is inspired in the Andean “polleras” or skirts, and is the result of a process of deconstruction and reinterpretation. The blouses and suits that complement this pieces reference the uniformization and militarization of a public policy, aiming also to evoke the strength and capacity of victims to defend themselves and overcome the irreversible while the images and symbols printed in the fabrics comment on the universe of institutions, activists, press and characters related to the case.

Source: This Is Paper

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