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Discover Art & Design in a Historic Parisian Apartment

“PRIVATE CHOICE” is an imagined and ephemeral contemporary collection of art and design in a gorgeous historic Parisian apartment. Last October they unfolded their 4th edition in


Trichroic Tapestries By Rive Roshan

‘Trichroic Tapestries’ is a collection of modular tapestries and an innovative alternative for classic weaving. Created by a French artist, Rive Roshan, who’s testing lenticular effects in textiles.


Through The Mask Exhibition

Through The Mask takes a closer look at “the mask” as an emblematic object represented in many different cultural contexts. Curated by Martin Guinard, the exhibition brings together contemporary artists from


Mr Plant Turns your Old Mac into Terrariums

The French Urban Gardener (and artist), Mr Plant loves to mock consumerism and industrialization through the richness, beauty and strength of the nature. His latest project, “Plant your Mac!” is in line…