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Love, Drawn by 120 Artists in a 20-Second Video

For LOVE, a subject we all cherish, Australia-based creative collective Heckler brought together over 120 artists from all over the world to draw their own vision of love (represented by a couple…


Lianne Nixon’s Stark Interior Illustrations

Lianne Nixon is an illustrator based in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Her stark illustrations of various interiors were inspired by a purchase of an iconic DAW chair by Charles Eames.


Surrealist Illustrations by George Greaves

By gradients and contrasted monochromes, Bristol based George Greaves displays a work as minimal as intrigued, where perspective is cropped, casting doubt on different dimensions, oscillating between motion and stylized angular shapes.


Botanical Patterns By Shelley Steer

Australian artist Shelley Steer create meticulous flower illustrations involving mixed-media techniques, such as photographing the flora and recreating them with watercolor then digitally repeating the process to create patterns.


Hugo Canuto Turns African Gods Into Superheroes

Passionate about comics, Brazilian illustrator Hugo Canuto took the greatest stories from Yoruba African mythology, and convert them to the universe of Comic books.


Krisztian Tejfel’s Digital Illustrations

Best known for his portraits of beautiful women with a melancholic and surreal touch, the Hungarian digital illustrator Krisztian Tejfel is focusing on traditional-digital hybrids leaving his work always a bit unfinished.