Art School Confidential : Alexandra Verschueren

The LookBook

Recent Graduate of master’s program in Fashion Design, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Alexandra Verschueren has shared with us the process which led to her graduating collection.

The collection had some very graphic influences which you can see in her scrapbook inspirations. Notions of origami and architecture play a large role in the intricate pattern construction of the collection.

The Process

When we asked Alexandra if her graphic work reflects her fashion work she replied,

“In a way it does. Throughout the year I am constantly seeking for inspirational images, quotes, books, people. The starting point for each collection is always a concept derived one way or the other from those images I keep.
Then I usually start the designing process and start realizing the collection. It is only after all of that is done, that I usually start up with making collages, and graphic work. You could say that in the end it is completely separate from what I do as a designer, although I do really start with my collection as a starting point for each image I then try to create.”

The Final Products