TrendHome: Historic Ellis Island Ferry

Today in TrendHome  is not a loft or a mansion but a New York Ferry converted as studio and show space – Recently Navid Barraty had the opportunity to photograph Victoria and Richard MacKenzie’s children’s home aboard the historic 1907 Yankee Ferry, afloat in the New York City Harbor. They’ve not only restored the Yankee…

The New Division_Shadows Album Art

The New Division: Opium

Listen to “Opium” here BUY HERE Moody and in the homage shadows of Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and New Order, The New Division creates a gloomy, yet dance-driven single, “Opium,” off their upcoming album, Shadows.


Zuo Corp.’s Pop-Up Store in Warsaw

As if getting out of a store weren’t hard enough already. The mind-blowing design of the Zuo Corp. pop-up shop in Warsaw makes it nearly impossible. Designed by Polish architects Super Super and Inside/Outside, the shop’s interior ceiling and walls are completely covered with mirrors, with LED lights lining the edges, creating an illusion of…

Twin Sister_Gene-Ciampi

Twin Sister: Gene Ciampi

Listen to “Gene Ciampi” here BUY HERE Twin Sister is the Brooklyn-based quintet who are learning to perfect the moods of romanticism and 80’s nostalgia by way of western atmosphere. Lead singer, Andrea Estella and her airy voice maintains a free-spirited, French cafe feel throughout “Gene Ciampi,” the single


Charlotte Gainsbourg Terrible Angels

You might already know our love for the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg comes back a year after her duo with Beck with her latest EP: Terrible Angels (also produced by Beck) – With a strong artistic energy Nathalie Canguilhem directed the video, which features an army of Charlottes

zana bayne 1

Zana Bayne Leather

You’d kind of expect the designer of Lady Gaga’s custom-made leather harnesses to come from a fashion-forward course like “New Genres”. Zana Bayne not only graduated with a BFA in this subject from San Francisco Art Institute, her eponymous leather line was also already a favorite of other well-known figures, like Katy Perry, Ciara, Kelis,…