david sykes-fauxfood-1

David Sykes : Faux Food

A great mini series photographed by David Sykes, called Faux Food. It’s shot in one on 5×4 transparency. The 4 foot plate was made by model maker Ridley West and with the help of Jennie Webster who sourced the excellent props.


M is for Men by James Graham

‘M is for Men’ is a series of illustration by James Graham originally commissioned by Esquire magazine (uk). Graham is an illustrator/designer working from east London. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2005, he has worked across

naiden ruslan-caligraphy art-1

Naiden Ruslan : Caligraphy Art

Russian calligrapher and graphic designer Naiden Ruslan created this repetition series called Sign List. It reminded me of being punished in elementary school and having to do standards, “I will not leave the classroom without permission”, 500 times. In this series Ruslan signed his name over and over in a beautiful linear repetition, making each…


Cactus Paintings by Kwangho Lee

Korean artist Kwangho Lee‘s most recent work was creating the new cactus and landscape series. Lee has experimented with various techniques such as scratching, rubbing of the paintbrush, and tapping on the canvas whilst enlarging the subject to its extreme to make the cactus seem like a type of abstraction.

96k illustrations-1

96k Illustrations

96k is a graphic design studio based in Beijing that was started by Liu Zheng. I saw his collaborative work with photographer LuoHuo in the photograph below and looked up his studio to see what else they had done. I love the integration of graphic elements and illustration on top of photographs.


Miu Miu’s Fall Campaign directed by Madonna ?

‘Secretly directing’ a Miu Miu’s campaign? How can this is possible?! Apparently it is, according to Ginta Lapina, Madonna reportedly stopped by to say hi to photogs Mert & Marcus —who were filming the behind-the-scenes video—when she offered to direct herself.  Really !?! Check video below…