Song of the Day: [2/1]

I just saw Kings of Leon play at Madison Square Garden this past weekend. As always, they were great live. But every time I see them play, I observe this fact: the song “Knocked Up” is absolutely epic live. Its an epic song all around. I mean every time he sings the line “people call us renegades, we like livin crazy”, with that sharp guitar noise accompanying it, I get the chills! So no surprise…



Let the countdown begin…Im giving you 15 days to get a trip to London organized, get in touch with your peeps in London to handle business for you or just enter it into your agenda if you are London…


Launching at the beginning of February TOPSHOP’s Oxford Circus store will host ‘EDIT’ a pop-up boutique showcasing a collective of young…


Sharky Tea Infuser

A pretty cool design by Pablo Matteoda the Sharky tea infuser.

The Designer Words : ‘INFUSION means to extract certain properties from an soluble ingredient such as tea leaves […]


Christophe Huet – The Master of Retouching

French retoucher Christophe Huet is a true photoshop Master! His work is fascinating. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, but also some for Nike, Motorola, Surfrider Foundation…. I spend an hour on his site looking all of his work, and the Best of all is […]


Song of the Day: [1/29]

Beirut released its third album this week, a double EP split between ‘March of the Zapotech’, which follows the orchestral band’s traditional sound as it mixes with Latin – in particular, Oaxacan – influences. But its the second half, the ‘Holland EP,’ where things get interesting. Recording under the name “RealPeople”, Zach Condon’s band …


Magritte Fashion Editorial

Could you believe that photographer Andrew Matusik used Rene Magritte as inspiration for his photoshoot!? For Genlux magazine winter issue, Andrew created an Amazing editorial called ‘ Sir Realist ‘ – A beautiful work, really well executed, and you can see that Andrew spends a lot on photoshop compare to Magritte who was painting – Technology Vs. Art[…]