Kittozutto Art&Design

The duo of Yana and JUN, art and design boutique Kittozutto from Singapore combines fine art illustrations with digital imaging techniques. Their finished work is awesome and is so detailed that once zoomed it looks great. “This often results in highly-detailed artworks, which look best in large format,” JUN adds.


Lyndon Wade Photography

Lyndon Wade is a NYC based commercial photographer, who shoots for world’s most famous ad agencies: ads for Nintendo, Sonic, Vox vodka and many others. Wade’s vibrant, iconoclastic style brings a fun, dynamic, contemporary aesthetic to every advertising campaign he shoots. Many of his vibrant compositions synthesize […]


Wha Wha Wha What is Katy Perry Wearing

I just had to post this picture I just saw on The Cut. They were talking about Katy Perry starting a new line or something, I dont know, nothing unexpected, I mean that’s how it goes; get an album, get a line, get a perfume and get out! right?! Oh I dont know, anyway, the point being I have never seen her wear this, and its so freaking rad!..


The Architecture of Lilypads

It’s 2100. Humans haven’t gained control of their carbon emissions. The earth has warmed up. The oceans have risen. Millions of ecological refugees have nowhere to go. Unless, of course, they had the foresight to build Lilypads