Zongo Junction: Madoff Made Off

Zongo Junction_Thieves!

African chants: a confusion welcomed with open ears. The one-man NASDAQ, Ponzi scheme sparked fury in victims and the unaffected, and apparently riotous beats as well. Befittingly, the single is perfectly placed on Junction’s debut EP titled Thieves.

“Madoff made off with my money!”

Something rooted in 1970s West Africa miraculously landed in modern-day funk and resettled Afrobeat in Brooklyn. That is globalization at its best. The twelve-piece group orchestrates crowded rhythms and booming horns, fully-equipped with the funk, jazz, and soul of Nigerian inspiration–political activist & Afrobeat pioneer–Fela Anikulapo Kuti. They strive to not only borrow, but capture the true essence of authentic Afrobeat, and their rowdy 5-song album does just that.

Zongo Junction’s West Coast Tour 2012 is in full swing. So, if you’re in LA, don’t miss their show 1/9 at The Mint. Happy listening!


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