Zambri: To Keep Back

Listen to “To Keep Back” here

      2. 03 To Keep Back


Tantalizing. Two beautiful sister talents in NYC who have mastered the art of using voice and electronics to build an empire of sounds? The Zambri sisters Jessica and Christi Jo are nothing new to the music scene but their album Glossolalia (Kanine Records), produced by the accomplished Chris Coady, is. And? These ladies are haunting yet saintly with their fearless harmony. Bold and seductive,

the other Zambri talent is an acute awareness for melodic and vocal appeal as their lyrics nearly pole dance around electro chords, some jaded strings, and complex sets. They are out to get you in. And their raw, elusive and poetic ways with listeners is irresistible. To Keep Back just punctured the scene with top-notch director Milton Ladd, when the music video posted last week with a high response rate. Pairing visual intellect with their electro-pop-experimental sounds, Zambri clearly holds a voice of their own, compositionally and conceptually. We asked Jessica Zambri what some of the inspirations are behind their creations:

“Lately, I’m personally more and more inspired by the daily interaction I have with other humans. We are such a complicated species, with different ideals and motives that sometimes it’s crazy to sit back and just think of how we all seem to co-exist in some way, somehow, together. There’s a lot to be inspired by here, as any given day could reflect a severe mood depending on the connection you have with others.”

If you’ll be around, catch the combo in action joined by musical contributors, Will Spitz and Seth Kasper on January 19th, at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

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