Wrenchmonkees Custom Bikes


Im not a super fan of bikes, but I do love beautiful design, and when I stumbled over these Danish custom bikes called Wrenchmonkees I couldn’t resist to check them out and introduce them to y......

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  • http://bemorefancy.blogspot.com/ Ms. Smart

    that shit is cool. nice.

  • david riese

    I,ve had a picture in my mind for quite a few years that somehow was seen by others, and they built the most beautiful bike design since the early days of English motorcycles. Thanks for publishing these pictures. I wish that I was a bit younger (I’m now 80)so that I could ride one—or at least display it in my living room as a work of art.

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  • Travis

    what’s really funny about this, is of all the bikes the wrenchmonkees do, these three chosen to be featured here and the only three that are NOT FUNCTIONAL and wer commisioned by a club for decoration! They speak of this on their website. All their bikes are amazingly beautiful and elegant in their simplicity, but these are definitely more for those who aren’t interested in motorcycles as real motorcycles!

  • http://silodrome.com/ James McBride

    Really love their work, reminds me of Deus Ex Machina in their over all style. Too bad manufacturers don’t build bikes like this right out of the factory really. Who needs all the plastic!