William Miller’s Ruined Polaroids

With his Polaroid SX-70 (a used camera he picked up at a yard sale for $20), William Miller churns out not photos, but amazingly abstract works of art. The camera, as it turns out, was broken. “It sometimes spills out two pictures at a time and the film often gets stuck in the gears, exposing and mangling them in unpredictable ways,” says William.

“The image as it is exposed within the camera becomes pulled and stressed by these violent mechanisms, often to abstraction.”

Rather than returning the Polaroid, William continued taking wonderfully warped, completely serendipitous shots. The series, Ruined Polaroids, is a showcase of all these.

“I’ve figured out how to control and accentuate aspects of the camera’s flaws, but the images themselves are always a surprise. Each one is determined by the idiosyncrasies of the film and the camera.”

See more at www.williammillerphoto.com

Katrina Tan

A brand manager and magazine editor with a love for stories. Always wanting to know the whys and hows behind the art and the artist, Katrina also runs SUPERVISION. As such, her days are usually spent with her eyes on the Net and the streets, looking for the most interesting/opinionated/all-around fun work.