When Brush meets Patterns by John Westmark

John Westmark is a painter interested in the metaphorical potential of unorthodox materials. The primary material used in his current work is store-bought, paper, sewing patterns, applied directly to the canvas. The patterns are reinterpreted outside of their usual functional context as garment templates to represent figurative and metaphysical imagery. These paintings present both a material and conceptual narrative by embellishing the garment patterns imprinted language of assembly with custom text from contemporary feminist writing and criticism. This added textual narrative disrupts the nostalgic or stereotypical notion of women’s work and admits an aggressive feminist dialog into the visual conversation. The viewer is asked to read both the material and the conveyed story. The women depicted in the paintings are no doubt fearless, independent and scandalous.

More information at www.johnwestmark.com – Text via www.factorprize.org

art John Westmark mixed media painting pattern patterns
Cyril Foiret

French Trendsetter, living & working in New York : art direction, trend forecasting, styling and designing are part of my daily activities. PS: Sorry for my French, I don't pretend to be a writer and I know that my writing is not the best...

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