We Are Experienced by Danielle Levitt


Photographer Danielle Levitt spent years documenting the teenagers in We Are Experienced, and the resulting cross section includes pageant queens, prom goers, suburban goths, band members (both punk and marching), skaters… Danielle Levitt is a New York-based photographer with a wide following in the fashion and art worlds. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, GQ, and Arena Homme Plus…


We Are Experienced includes football stars, anorexics, wiccans, punks, prom dates, snowboarders, and baton twirlers. Levitt revels in the beauty of the age and its incomparable potential. She also exposes an advanced awareness particular to a generation. The notion of strident youthfulness was invented in the last century; today it is an understood quantity, a streamlined experience.


Levitt’s subjects are well-schooled in the expectations, limitations, and developmental strategies of growing up American, and have unparalleled resources to identify in a multitude of ways. We Are Experienced is a lushly stylized archive of the choices they make.






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