Vogue Homme Japan -The Bonus Gif

In an age where everyone likes to blog and reblog, we count ourself as one of the amused consumers of this VOGUE HOMME Japan’s Bonus Gif collaboration with  fashgif. Our obsession has certainly reached a new high once we laid our eyes on the koi fish crawling up model Mikkel Jensen’s arm/chest.


They usually say ‘a picture says a thousand words’… I wonder how many a gif says?!


Styling// Nicola Formichetti
Photography// Nicola Formichetti
Models// Graham Reese, Jarrod Scott, Mikkel Jensen, Sung Jin Park
GIF animations by fashgif

Animated Fashgif GIFs mens Nicola Formichetti vogue cover Vogue Homme Japan
Vanessa Weste

Year Born: 1988
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 10
Last cool project you worked on: Street Style video coverage of New York Fashion Week
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: The Dead Rabbit
Top 3 Places: Surf Lodge, Kit’s Beach in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Playland Motel at Rockaway Beach
Next destination: Paris, Australia Marrakesh, Cuba
Generation favorite: Pinterest and Instagram

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