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tasty- transformations -project-deconstructs-our-daily-eats-featured

Tasty Transformations Project Deconstructs Our Daily Eats

Tasty Transformations is a project by Fragmento Universo deconstructing our daily eats. Focusing on three different recipes – a strawberry milkshake, crème brulee and white chocolate matcha, impeccably composed images contemplate the…

waterscapes-by misawa-look-into-the-aquatic-life-featured

Waterscape By Haruka Misawa Looks Into The Aquatic Life

Waterscape is a project by Haruka Misawa, exploring the life underneath the water surface. Mapping a different type of an environment and energy, the Japanese artist aims to draw a line between things surrounded by…


Hakanai Performance Explores Human Condition with 3D Mapping

Hakanai is dancing performance mapping human movement in the most poetic way. Illustrating the Japanese definition of the old phrase, the dancer seems hang up in between the reality and dream, exploring…


Stunning Animation Showing You How Your Sweater is Made!

‘The first cycle’ is a visualization of a creative production process, made for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk. A gorgeous animation created by Dutch visual artist Niels Hoebers where the viewer is being…


Eataipei Experimental Tasting Menu

To celebrate Taipei as the World Design Capital of 2016, multi-disciplinary designer Shikai Tseng teamed up with an architect Rain Wu and a chef Chungho-Ho Tsai for a series of culinary performances…