Information Gluttony

When it comes to your cell phone, the weight in your pocket is a lot heavier than the advertised 4.55 ounces. The technical…


Onward Internet

  Motion graphics ninja and illustrator, Alex Mapar took the “internet” to the next level after contributing to Buck…


Kylie Minogue’s Surrealist Makeover

The innovative team behind Chandelier Creative agency teamed up with graphic designers Mat Maitland and Hattie Stewart making a fierce…

Kiko Still 3

Kiko’s Pop by Wriggles & Robins

Producers Wriggles and Robins recently launched a short film for Jalouse Magazine featuring model Kiko Mizhura wearing Miu Miu.

Leta Sobierajski-and-Wade-Jeffree-4


Complements Complements is a portrait project that explores the complementary relationship of Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree through…