Garance Doré Meets Stella McCartney
Last week, famous French blogger Garance Doré managed to score an interview with designer Stella McCartney to talk about the revealing of her Pre-Fall 2013 collection. During their ten-minute discussion, Garance was able to get McCartney to address how her personal non-fur and leather ethics, lifestyle and morals translated into the fine tunings of her […]


Fendi Menswear Film by Mel Bles
Silvia Venturini’s Fendi Spring 2013 menswear collection is on stunning display in the short film entitled Arrival, in which a stream of male models enter and exit the screen in momentary flashes. The label told “the video materializes the dichotomy of the collection, its futurism: the point of arrival, here, is also the point […]


Emily Kai Bock: Spit Gold Under An Empire
You probably remember the video for Grimes’ “Oblivion” which was a online sensation last year. It was directed by Toronto born Emily Kai Bock, who’s part of New American Noise Documentary project series presented by Nokia.  The series showcases the new guard of young talent and singular sounds in American music today in 6 different […]


A Fashion Film by Jose Luis Vila
Suspense is back in fashion with this femme-fatale stye fashion film by director Jose Luis Vila.  I am loving the Marilyn Monroe-esque heroine, unrestrained in piling on the jewels for a nouveau bombshell look that could definitely kill. [via]


Space Odyssey: A VOGUE Fashion Film by Rohan Michael Hoole
If aliens were ever to touch down on the Earth, I sure hope they would be dressed in Dior and Alexander McQueen. Vogue India had the same idea in their fashion film, Space Odyssey, shot by Rohan Michael Hoole. Potential space invaders, take notice, we are powerless to high fashion! Fashion editor: Sharon Crawford Photographer: […]


Dumb Ways To Die
Who hasn’t sat around thinking and talking about the worst ways to die? In fact just today I was discussing and laughing about this with a friend who decided to wear a sweatsuit out (she is normally impeccably dressed), and I mentioned it would be a shame if she accidentally got the excess jersey caught […]


Video: Scratch Massive ft. Koudlam “Waiting For A Sign”
Lord of the flies is invoked in this 5 minute 51 second music video by French DJ duo Scratch Massive. The introduction sounds are a haunting siren, followed by a moaning wail, then a murderous beat. The overall sound is Kavinsky-esque. A group of boys stomping through a rainforest, uncover a grim aftermath after daring […]


Vincent Fournier’s Past Forward
The thought of traveling to space has always enticed the minds of mankind to awaken to a higher state, and we have been graced by more than enough Space Art lately to see this fantastical pursuit unfold in real time.  French photographer Vincent Fornier’s body of work is no exception.  Pulling from a collective memory […]


3.1 Phillip Lim’s Trickers by Jacob Sutton
3.1 Phillip Lim’s latest brand campaign serves us not one but two of Spring’s upcoming trends, the latest mixed martial arts practice of the moment and the Far Eastern-inspired garments to accompany them.  Serving as Creative Director on the project (an exciting multimedia leap forward from the ever-expanding NYC-based mom-n-pop business if you ask me), Lim tapped […]