Memento Mori Flower Portrait [video]
The Memento Mori flower portrait is a modern visual interpretation of a classic theme: “Remember Your Mortality”. Artist/Director Jihye with art director Trevor Gilley and DOP Matt Infante shot over 6,700 photos with exactly 2,943 photos chosen for this video timelaps. It is important to note that no special effects were added in post-prod and that all […]


Richard Swarbrick’s Amazing World Cup 2014 Animation
I Just stumbled on this AMAZING animated film by British artist Richard Swarbrick. The video below is showing Germany’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup Final and the magnificent four weeks of football brilliance that preceded it with some of the most memorable moments and goals. If like me you followed closely this World […]


Willy Vanderperre for Dior Homme [Video]
For Dior Homme’s Winter 2014 campaign, Notes Of A Day, creative director Kris Van Assche channeled the video art of German “social sculptor” Joseph Beuys. The idea being “masculinity as performance,” he enlisted Willy Vanderperre to shoot moving and still images that rendered Jake Lucas, Laurie Harding, Thibault Charon and Louis Bauvir as performance artists […]


Guillaume Kurkdjian’s Animated Vehicles
Guillaume Kurkdjian is an illustrator and animator from Nantes, France. A whiz at making gifs, he recently created a series of vehicle animations. Namely: a construction, utility, food and dump truck. Lullatone provided the music for these whimsical cartoon rides. All quick hits that are guaranteed to inspire awe.   Vehicle #2 – Utility Truck […]


Ayaka Ito’s Multidisciplinary Portfolio
Born and raised in Japan, Ayaka Ito works at RoAndCo Studio in New York. Her recently launched personal portfolio shines with print and interactive projects of a certain luster. While digitally illustrated scarf prints seem to be her forte, the multidisciplinary talent crosses over into web design, branding and art direction. Recently, she made the […]


Sia – Chandelier [Video]
11-year-old Maddie Ziegler has been a competitive dancer since the age of five, although she first started at her craft as young as two years old. The passion shows, in both her moves and range of facial expressions, in this video for Sia’s Chandelier. Co-directed by the Aussie singer-songwriter herself, the video features her “mini-me” […]


#Definebeauty By Canada Films
NOWNESS launches a weekly video series called #DefineBeauty. In Part Three, four Barcelona directors—Nicolás Méndez, Lope Serrano, Oscar Romagosa and Alba Barneda, collectively called Canada—turn their lens on creme caramel pudding—a sexy metaphor for what they love most in a woman.   Witty food styling, set design and transparency illustrations all come together in this sensual […]


Skate Session at Christie’s
  Professional skateboarder Chris Martin rides through Christie’s, directed by Gary Gardner, giving a behind-the-scenes look at highlights from their “If I Live I’ll See You Tuesday” Contemporary Art Evening Sale, with a soundtrack by AWOLNATION. The auction happened earlier this week and sold works for over $134 million, about $40 million over the estimated […]


The Next Black: a film about the future of clothing
‘The Next Black’ is a documentary film that explores the future of clothing. Watch as we meet with some of the most innovative companies on the planet to get their opinion on clothing and its future, including: heroes of sustainability, Patagonia; tech-clothing giants, StudioXO; sportswear icon, Adidas; and BioCouture, a company that uses cellulose-producing microbes […]