Verdier – Remix of VW Van



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  • Ray Ray

    WOW! What a revolution!

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  • jkm1404

    where the fuck do you sleep in this thing?

  • leonardo

    VW BRASS IS MAD!! as in foolish, and arrogant and too detached from its consumer.. i mean why do they insist on ignoring this huge trend that is right before their eyes…

    for years their consumers have been asking for an affordable “cool” and unique microbus reinvention in a californian camper bus and yet still after 2 decades of outright VW is scratching their heads wondering what the next big vehicle will be for them..
    They have nothing truly cool anymore,,
    a slick design like the Verdier concept would sell instantly. If Vw got involved and mass produced them..they would be able to offer an entry level for around 30-40 grand and it shouldnot cost more than 15-10k to outfit it with camper stuff including solar panes..

    It is so BOGUS that despite a insatiable demand for this iconic vehicles (just look at how expensive it is to get a good quality microbus or syncro van) they often fetch double the price the were sold at back int he 60s 70s and 80s!!

    for about 45-55k..they could sell A SHITLOAD of these things and reaffirm their place in the world of cool. Seemingly Honda and Subaru have this distinction, VW doesnt really have anything that screams GOTTA HAVE IT!

    I have owned not 1 or 2 but 3 VW BUSES and could not stop peole from approaching me asking if i wanted to sell them. This was a LIFESTLYE vehicle where the auto industry is struggling to define a segment in such an appealing way (since these VW have lost their charm circa 1993)..i mean WTF!!

    TONS and TONS of of people want to cocoon, yet still live thier lives and get out there..they are scared about the economy, but still want to enjoy more affordable vacations..

    An ECO friendly solution such as this amazing concept captures the emotional appeal of the original in a classic and timeless design, and allows for inexpensive getaways on weekends or for weeks on end with very inexpensive fuel. THIS IS THE PERFECT VEHICLE and under appreciated since the 70s because the charm was lost and never reinvented..NOT BECAUSE THERE WAS NEVER ANY DEMAND!!!

    VW..if your sucess depended on Le Iacocca did to Chrysler did with the introduction of the minivan and the k car in order to stay alive..vut if VW had to produce one vehicle that would have people fall in love with the brand all over again..this microbus concept woud be the one. if they just marketed it to a mass market..surfers to granmas would want one of these things..not to mention people who would just as soon pick up one of these instead of a HUGE gass guzzling road limiting and often due to fuel costs trip limiting RVs

    VW microbus reincarnation would be purchased by at least 6 people I know..on emotional appeal beings people together..allows them to truly wscape with the comforts of off the beaten path and truly live lie to the fullest with a truly adventurous spirit. THIS IS A TRULY UNIQUE VEHICLE..
    VW why are you not listening to the PEOPLE!???

    methinks both!
    now call me already and let’s discuss getting this back online..we NEED NEW WESTYS ASAP!!

  • Suzanne Naughton

    I want to live in one & travel for the rest of my life.