Valentine Lingerie

Simplifying the lines between comfort and sexy is Valentine Lingerie. A recent project that came of the on-set rendez-vous between Whitney Brown and Paloma Jonas, two former models, who bonded over creating something that was lacking in the fashion industry.

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Aimed towards helping ladies with smaller busts try something else for size, Valentine offers the modern women the option of delicately made, comfortable lingerie retailing under $60.


A small line of fragrances, cosmetics and underwear sets of lace lined bras and panties are all available for purchase.


Valentine Lingerie -Mariana - 2


Thanks to their blog, over the last two years, Valentine has become a lifestyle brand. Bringing back romance to the forefront of the internet, Valentine captures mesmerising people in an intimate way that highlights those ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss- it’ qualities.


Showcasing adorable couples, head turning faces and talented individuals across the globe, their blog focuses on putting a face to that cutie who turned a corner, or that charming chap who always sits across from you in your local café.


Valentine Lingerie -Mariana - 3

Valentine Lingerie - 2


Striving to “put a little romance back into a time that often lacks it” as the duo beautifully puts it on the blog, Valentine hopes to open doors that would’ve otherwise been closed.


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Photos feature French – Indonesian actress & model Mariana Dantec
Photography courtesy of  Anna Wolf

To see Valentine’s romantic vignettes, check out their blog here.

Visit the shop at



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