‘Under My Skin’ by Lucia Giacani

Italian photographer Lucia Giacani is known to take things to a whole new level. A couple of weeks ago we featured her work with larger than life bags. This time around, she takes animal anatomy beyond science and into the realm of fashion. Her series, appropriately entitled “Under My Skin”, featured in Vogue Italia, incorporates the raw with the refined. Bright colored flesh, tendons and all, are strategically placed beside a model who dons the latest Fall fashions.

Photographer: Luciana Giacani at www.luciagiacani.com
Stylist: Dinalva Barros
Make-up: Elena Pivetta at Green Apple Italia using Lordanberry
Hair stylist: Ana Rodriguez at Green Apple Italia
Manicurist: Rossella Galvani at Green Apple Italia
Model: Kristina Sheiter at FashionModels.com

See more at Vogue Italia

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