Ultraísta: Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

Ultraísta is the electro-pop British trio Nigel Goodrich (producer), Joey Waronker (instrumentals) and Laura Bettinson (vocals). The group derives their name from the post WWI Spanish literary movement – Ultraísmo, which sought to eliminate rhyme, traditional metrics, and punctuation.



It all seems to work well with “smalltalk” from self-titled 2012 LP Ultraísta, which blew up when Four Tet transformed it into an even better house-dance-pop single, which was so well received that they added it as a bonus track to the album. Bettinson’s vocals are innocently calm and honest despite the tumultuous break up happening amidst the song. The remix has the most perfectly calculated progression of climatic hodge-podge beats and is a great addition to the album.


Written by Dana Kelly

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