Triennale Design Museum 5th Edition by Studio Fabio Novembre

Last year, after the original director was forced to drop the project, Milan’s Studio Fabio Novembre took on the task of creating the exhibition for the 5th edition of the Triennale Design Museum. Having been asked to create a 3rd dimension to the 2 dimensional material (a selection of historical Italian graphic design), the results fell nothing short of spectacular. If only all curators could approach their craft with such a thorough and inspired take on their subjects!

As the walls to this exhibition were put up, no doubt that the historic material came to life: “I decided to begin with the blank pages of a book, studying their physical structure and filling them with life in motion, setting their contents in various sections spread along a careful path. Sections deriving from that Platonic solid associated with the Earth, the cube, cutting it up and breaking it down to trace a labyrinth, like some new Daedalus, conjuring up an initiatory as well as celebratory experience. Arianna and Iris offered to help visitors by providing them with a coloured thread to follow, stretching from infrared to ultraviolet, so as to encompass the entire meaning of life and knowledge. Attempting to bring together a Newtonian approach, represented by the scientific side of curatorship, with my own personal passion for Goethe.” – Studio Fabio Novembre

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Amanda Jakubik

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