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TrendQuizz: Egyptian Fashion
Do you have an amazing fashion memory ? Let's test it! We go back in time for this amazing runway. Who is the designer, Where was the show produced ? And What year? [gallery] Pictures: Reuters
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  • http://deontesting.blogspot.com deonplayground

    John Galliano for Christian Dior…but the year, I don’t know…

  • http://www.velhetica.com matt

    John galliano spring 2004 haute couture for Dior in paris!

    I don’t know if that counts as a good piece of trivia, considering it was one of the most gorgeous shows ever!

  • http://www.cestunmirage.com Guilherme Teixeira

    Dior Haute Couture by Galliano SS 04 !

    Cleopatra feelings.

  • http://purebreed.tumblr.com shah ezani

    Dior couture by john galliano for spring/summer 2004. Paris.

  • Chloe Han

    Christian Dior Spring 2004 Haute Couture Show!!

  • http://themobilediary.com/ Mini Boss

    galliano for dior, the year would take me some research to uncover.

  • Gabo

    john galliano !! @ Paris
    year.. 2004?

  • http://comparisonends.blogspot.com Devon

    Galliano. Paris. Not sure when.

  • http://trendland.net/ Cyril Style

    You pretty much all figure it out, but Matt had the most complete answer:
    John galliano for Christian Dior haute couture: spring 2004 in paris

  • askur


    at paris… SS04

    for… DIOR!! haute coture


  • http://ayshasrabbithole.blogspot.com aysha

    who could forget it

TrendQuizz: Egyptian Fashion
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